Sunday, 18 August 2019

August 2019 - no meeting - visit to Denman (the WI college)

August is our holiday month but 10 of us decided to go and visit Denman in Marcham, 
the WI's college

Kelly and her nutella brownies
Blueberry scones demo

 Kelly Mauger demonstrated four different bakes for us - carrot and seeded soda bread, blueberry scones, min milk-doughnuts, and nutella brownies. We sampled them all - scrumptious!
Everything passed the taste test! 
afternoon tea
special low-carb tea

 Then we had a short tour of Denman followed by an afternoon tea in the Nugent Harris room. We all had a lovely day.

Fundraiser 27th July 2019 - cake stall at Culture & Community Day

Girls with Power WI 
We got together and made and sold lots of cakes

Karen Frances and Filipa
Lisa, Anthony Dearlove (the mayor), Karen, and Vicky

July 2019 - 'A Spoonful of Herbs'

In July we had a fascinating talk by Lynda Warren.
This featured the countries and people who introduced us to herbs. We heard how they have been used in cookery, beauty products, household applications and medicines.

We were able to try out some recipes which Lynda had prepared with her herbs. We were also able to take some cuttings of herbs home with us with a very instructive handout.
Chocolate mint cutting ready for planting.

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